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Grant Guidance

Grant Guidance and Important Dates:

As the year goes on, and the deadline for the Vermont State Highway Safety Office Grant Year approaches (September 30th), we would like to share a few friendly reminders and requirements for our Highway Safety Partners.

~  Please be sure that you are spending all of your grant program funds. September 30th is the deadline to spend these funds.

~  Please be sure that you track your expenses and that they are up to date,

~  Please be sure that you’ve sent all your quarterly progress reports (First, Second , Third Quarters and Final) to us here at the SHSO,

~  Please be sure that your ending program goals match up with your initial projected goals listed in your initial approved grant proposal. If they do not match up, please explain the reasoning in the final report.

All documents, including the final progress report and financial reimbursement forms, must be received here at the SHSO within 30 days of the end of the FFY (end of October.)                                     .

If you have any questions about these reminders, please feel free to contact your program’s coordinator Susan McAvoy or Rob Bigelow.

Our programs are a success as a direct result of your success.  Thank you!

For More Information Contact Program Managers

Program Coordinator – Law Enforcement Grants

Robert Bigelow

Program Coordinator – Impaired Driving, Education, and TRCC Grants 

Sue Somers

Outreach Manager – Public Information Officer / Media

Rachel Noyes

General Grant Guidance:

NHTSA Highway Safety Grants Resources Guide:

Use of NHTSA Funds:
NHTSA Memorandum, regarding "Use of NHTSA Funds",  dated 18 May 2016
NHTSA’s consolidated final guidance regarding items purchased with highway safety grant funds.
This document supersedes all previously issued policies.