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About Us

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About Us  

The Vermont State Highway Safety Office facilitates and supports, with federal grants, a statewide network to promote safe driving behavior on Vermont highways. We share a deep concern for the welfare of the traveling public, and believe our main purpose is to save lives through creative, highly visible, innovative, and effective highway safety programs for all modes of transportation. We are committed to our critical role within the State of Vermont, to ensure safe travel on Vermont’s roadways. As part of the VTrans family, we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives, and to provide a safe, reliable and multimodal transportation system that promotes Vermont’s quality of life and economic well-being.

These goals are accomplished by fostering and expanding local partnerships within the State of Vermont Agencies, State and Local Law Enforcement, and private partners. The primary mission is to identify existing and emerging traffic safety trends through statistically-based problem identification efforts, and to efficiently provide decision makers accurate data for use in determining where the most effective highway safety investment is made.  This includes developing and implementing highway safety programs that save lives and prevent injuries, and providing appropriate safety funds that empower communities to address critical local traffic safety issues.

As highway safety professionals, we are committed to teamwork, integrity and maintaining a positive working environment. In our highway safety partnerships, we respond, cooperate, and provide accurate and timely service.  As the leader of a coordinated statewide effort to eliminate death and serious injury on all of Vermont’s roads and highways, we are tasked with reaching our goals by using the most localized and dependable data possible, learning about most effective countermeasures and understanding the trends around highway safety use and behavior altering activities.

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