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Drive Well Vermont

Drive Well Vermont Summer banner



Drive Well Vermont is an ongoing statewide initiative that will encourage safe driving behavior among Vermonters to make our roadways, and all of us, safer. Check out our new Drive Well Vermont website, here. 

Many Vermonters are already doing the right things on the road, and Drive Well is an opportunity to acknowledge those good behaviors—as well as to grow and expand them to make driving in Vermont even safer.

Why should we all get behind Drive Well Vermont?

When we practice safe driving every time we get behind the wheel, in the passenger seat, or on a motorcycle, we won’t just be keeping ourselves safe. We’ll also be showing that, here in Vermont, we look out for each other, and try to do what we can for the safety of our family, our friends, and our community.

How do you Drive Well?

It’s simple. It’s all about being present and engaged when you’re driving, and keeping your attention and your eyes on the road. That means avoiding distractions like using your phone, eating, changing playlists, or resetting or fiddling with the GPS. 

Programs Included in Drive Well Vermont:

Distracted Driving

Occupant Protection

Speeding & Aggressive Driving

Impaired Driving

Motorcycle Safety