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Motorcycle Safety

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Share the road

Motorcycles are more vulnerable than other types of motor vehicles, so we need to pay special attention to keep riders safe.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or drive a car or truck, we all have a  responsibility to look out for each other and share the road.

Be seen. Look twice. It matters.

In 2019, more than 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in traffic crashes. These deaths accounted for 14% of the total highway fatalities that year.

Most of these crashes involved cars, and it’s critical to keep in mind that even a momentary lapse in a driver’s concentration and awareness can result in serious injury or the death of a motorcycle rider.

Stay safe. Look out for each other.

If you ride motorcycles, practice safe driving and always position yourself well in traffic and make sure drivers can see you.

If you drive a car you’re sharing the road with motorcyclists, so drive safely, always look twice before you maneuver, and be alert for motorcycle riders.

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